Customizable Applets

The AIspace applets can be embedded in a webpage. The appearance and functionality of the applets can be modified using parameters. This can be useful for creating tutorials to demonstrate a particular concept by removing unnecessary features and loading a custom problem. The general form of embedding an AIspace applet in the body of an HTML page is:

	<APPLET CODEBASE=".." CODE=AppletSubclass.class ARCHIVE="file.jar" WIDTH=anInt HEIGHT=anInt
	ALT="AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?" >

	<PARAM NAME=parameter1Name VALUE=aValue>
	<PARAM NAME=parameter2Name VALUE=anotherValue>
	AIspace Applet failed to load. Is Java enabled in your browser?

The size of the applet is determined using the WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes. If a parameter is not included it will be set to its default value.

Some of the applets have an 'autoscale' parameter which can be used to control whether or not the graph should be automatically scaled to fit the size of the canvas when initially loading a problem. Disabling the 'autoscale' parameter allows the initial layout of a problem to be customized. This can be achieved by first enabling the 'autoscale', 'textRepresentationPopup' and 'popMenu' parameters. After arranging the graph to the desired layout, examine the text representation and modify the node positions within the original file accordingly. Finally, the 'autoscale' parameter can be disabled so that the problem will be initially loaded with the customized layout.

Functions in an applet can be called directly from a webpage using a link of the form:

	<a href="##" onClick="document.applets[0].functionName(); return false;">link</a>

If multiple applets are embedded in a webpage, specify which applet the link refers to by changing the index within the applets[] array. For more information about customizing a AIspace applet click on an applet name on the right side of this page.

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