Stochastic Local Search Based CSP Solver

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dot Tutorial 1: Creating a new CSP

This tutorial gives information about how to create a new CSP from scratch. You can skip this section if you only need to work with the ready-made CSPs. Note that this tutorial is the same as Tutorial 1 for the Consistency Based CSP Solver applet. If you have read that tutorial or used the CSP applet, you already know how to create a CSP and can skip this section.

dot Tutorial 2: Loading a pre-existing CSP

This tutorial covers how to load one of the ready-made CSPs and gives a brief description of each of them. Note that the sample CSPs for this applet are the same as those for the CSP applet.

dot Tutorial 3: Solving a CSP by Searching

This tutorial covers how to solve a CSP using local search algorithms. It gives descriptions of everything that the applet allows you to do in terms of solving a CSP.

dot Tutorial 4: Stochastic Local Search Algorithms

This tutorial covers gives a brief description of the available search algorithms that can be used to solve a CSP.

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